Acupuncture for Shoulder Pain, Better Than Physical Therapy

A little more than ten years ago, I first visited Dr. Feng Liang, of the Fifth Avenue Acupuncture & Herbs Center, who treated me with acupuncture for shoulder pain. The pain was caused by a combination of a very awkward style of tennis serve and sleeping with my shoulder jammed up against a hard pillow. Before seeing Dr. Liang, I had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon. I could no longer take the pain I was having in my shoulder and needed relief. The Orthopedic Surgeon gave me an X-Ray and MRI. After not seeing anything noticeable in both results, he gave me a Cortisone shot. For those who have never had a Cortisone shot, you get immediate relief from the shot. However, within approximately 45 minutes, the pain that you first had returns, and it returns with twice as much intensity. The Orthopedic Surgeon then referred me to a physical therapist and told me that I would probably need six months of physical therapy. I was not happy to hear this!